Animators: active, safe, well-used public places

William St - Northbridge, Perth, WA, AUS

Good urban design introduces, maintains and intensifies human activity within the public realm.  An example of an active building: retail use; transparent facade; interaction with the street; and a little whimsical?

Animators - active, safe and well used public places

We can deliver this quality through:

  • Active edges - this can be a measured by the percentage of active frontages at street level.  We also need to design the levels up to 6 storeys to relate to the street. 
  • Activities in and overlooking public spaces - while we can design an active edge, the use of the building is important.  For example, we have all seen main streets impacted by banks sticking ads over windows.  
  • Comfortable and interesting places - we want to encourage people to stay.  
  • Activation also extends to people on the move - consider the broader structure to encourage people to move through a place.  The 'movement economy' can support active uses.  
  • Animation through management and use of places - social fabric including events, activities, markets. tenants etc (Place Management).  

 Derived from the VIC Urban Design Charter.

Place Drivers

  1. Character
  2. Diversity
  3. Accessibility
  4. Fit & function
  5. Animators
  6. Continuity and enclosure
  7. Consistency & variety
  8. Legibility
  9. Structure
  10. Features
  11. Social Fabric
  12. Sustainability


Place Preference

  1. Quality of the public realm
  2. Safety
  3. Creativity
  4. Sensory pleasure


More Information..

Place Qualities - Safety

Place Tools - Context - Audit

Safe Communties 


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