Consistency & variety

Melbourne, VIC, AUS (Google Earth)Melbourne – a great example of the cities public realm providing the order (and a little of the interest) and the private ventures providing the interest. One condition benefits from the other

Consistency & variety: balance order and diversity in the interests of appreciating both.

To deliver both consistency and variety we balance intellectual and aesthetic stimulation while avoiding confusion.  Successful cities combine:

  • individuality and community, with

  • logic and feeling, and

  • order and random incident. 

A city’s public realm provides coherence and order while private ventures introduce variety and interest.  One condition benefits from the other.

Derived from the  NZ Urban Design Protocol.

Place Drivers

  1. Character
  2. Diversity
  3. Accessibility
  4. Fit & function
  5. Animators
  6. Continuity and enclosure
  7. Consistency and variety
  8. Legibility
  9. Structure
  10. Features
  11. Social Fabric
  12. Sustainability

Place Preference

  1. Quality of the public realm
  2. Safety
  3. Creativity
  4. Sensory pleasure

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